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Consider restoring your windows before changing them
December 19, 2017

Your windows are a key element of your property. However, changing them is very expensive! Take the time to ask yourself the following question: Would it be better to restore them or to change them?

Restore or change?
In many cases, restoration is preferable to the complete modification of a window, not only regarding costs, but also concerning the ecological footprint. Whether one of your windows is broken, you feel the air infiltrate, your thermal window panes are fogged or you want to enhance the look of your home, think restoration without hesitation! No need to change your windows in their entirety to improve their appearance as well as your comfort.

Why replace insulating glass?
The replacement of insulating glass panels allows you to increase the energy efficiency of your windows without having to change them. You will avoid many inconveniences such as moldings to change and touching up paint.

In need of a style renewal?
A simple glass replacement can greatly modernize the look of your home. You can choose patterns and colors that will match the style you want to give to your house.

Your windows make your life harder?
If you have trouble using the mechanisms of your windows, such as cranks and locks, have them inspected by professionals. Almost all components can be repaired or replaced.

Air infiltrations undermine your comfort?
To see if the air seeps into your home, it’s very simple: light a candle and stand in front of your window framing. If the flame flickers, there is an air infiltration. How to remedy this situation? Redo the sealant applied between your windows and the exterior cladding of your home. You can also have the weatherstrips checked to make sure they are in good condition.

Have your windows restored by professionals
Now, if you feel like answering “yes” to the question “would it be better to restore my windows rather than change them?”, find out about our various services: defogging, replacement, caulking and maintenance. To make an informed choice, contact the Solution Thermo retailer in your area. He will be able to inspect your windows at no cost and tell you if, indeed, it would be better to restore them rather than change them!

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