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Opt for new glazing at every point of superiority

Do you have a type of glazing that cannot be defogged? Fog has been forming inside your glass for too long to benefit from our defogging service? Your glass is bleached? Would you like to have a better insulating glass unit with shattering glass installed?

If the structure of your windows is still in good condition, don’t hesitate to opt for our glass replacement service instead of changing your entire window. Whether for your home or business, this economical solution will allow you to benefit from beautiful, high-performance, brand-new glass!

Double or triple glazing for better energy efficiency

If you opt for a glass replacement, we recommend double or triple insulating glass, with the addition of a low-E (low emissivity) film as well as argon, for better energy efficiency. Energy-efficient glass limits the entry of heat during the summer and/or the exit of heat during the winter. It also limits the formation of ice and water on the inside walls of your windows.

We are proud to install top quality products that have proven themselves on the market. Our quality standards are so high that we have our windows manufactured according to our own specifications! Although we are convinced of the effectiveness of the glass we recommend, we are always attentive to your needs.

Replacement glass made down to the last detail

At Solution Thermo, we never do things by halves. When we replace your windows, we take care to change the shims, install non-conductive spacers and caulk the sealed unit. Our goal: to do everything we can to ensure that your thermos will perform its role for years to come.

8 brilliant reasons to have your glass replaced


  • You will extend the life of your windows.
  • You will choose a solution that is less expensive than a window replacement.
  • You will avoid the damage caused by replacing windows that require, among other things, paint touch-ups.
  • You will benefit from greater energy efficiency.
  • You will be able to maximize the security of your building with anti-intrusion glazing.
  • You’ll enhance the look of your home with brand new glass, including tile or other patterns.
  • You will retain the fair value of your property, especially if you choose energy-efficient glass.
  • You will benefit from our generous 10-year warranty.

Give your windows the best; start with our free evaluation

At Solution Thermo, we’re happy to give you even more for your money: we offer a 10-year warranty covering our defogging work and replacement glass. The best part? We offer a labour warranty that stands out and surpasses the industry’s. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Solution Thermo is the safest choice there is!



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