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Rediscover the joy of looking through clear glass.

Fog forms between the two glasses of your thermos flask? Do you find it difficult to see outside? Do you notice dark circles on the inside of your windows?

This fogging phenomenon generally occurs over time: your insulating glass units eventually unseal, allowing moisture to infiltrate between the two panes of glass and, over the years, saturate the silica beads located in the spacer between your panes. At this point, the moisture will fog up your glass.

At first, you may think your windows need to be changed, but don’t be mistaken! Our defogging service can remove all traces of moisture and dirt from between the panes of glass. Following our intervention, your windows will regain their clarity while maintaining their insulating properties.

Defogging, a highly efficient, state-of-the-art process

Our defogging process is done on site, directly on your windows, so there is no risk of damaging your windows. Curious to learn more about what it consists of? Here are the main steps:

  • We pierce the glazing at both ends.
  • We clean the inside of the glass by injecting various non-toxic and biodegradable liquids to eliminate residues and speed up drying.
  • We apply a discreet device to the glass so that, in hot weather, the humidity drains off more easily and, after a few weeks or even days, the fog inside the glass has completely disappeared.
  • We take care to properly seal the glass by applying a new sealant to prolong the life of the glass and maximize its efficiency.

The advantages of our defogging service at a glance

  • You opt for the most economical solution, which is 50 to 80% less expensive than a window replacement.
  • You extend the life of your glazing and, by the same token, of your windows.
  • You preserve the insulating properties of your glazing, which ensures comfort and energy savings.
  • You benefit from a damage-free intervention: no damage to your windows, no dust to sweep and no paint touch-up to do.
  • You benefit from our generous 10-year warranty.

See the difference of defogging without delay

We invite you to fill out our free evaluation form so that a member of our team can ensure that a defogging system can meet your needs. He will visit your address to verify, among other things, that your windows are not bleached, that the structure of your windows is in good condition and that the type of glass installed can receive a defogging treatment. With Solution Thermo, you can say goodbye to fog and hello to clarity!

Psitt! Act now, because if you wait too long, the fogging problem could become irreversible. Our defogging service will no longer be the best option for you; instead, we will recommend our glass replacement service.

An eco-responsible gesture

By choosing our defogging service, not only do you benefit from a host of advantages, but you are also making an eco-responsible gesture. In fact, by restoring your windows, you fight pollution in two ways: first, you limit the amount of material needlessly sent to the landfill; second, you limit the manufacturing of new windows that require packaging and transportation.



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