Defogging : see clearly again

Fogged windows? First consider defogging!
December 19, 2017

Defogging is an economical and environmentally friendly way to bring your fogged windows back to life, without having to change them or even change their insulating glass units. This option allows you to save up to 80% of the cost of a traditional window replacement! In addition, the defogging allows you to make an environmentally friendly gesture by avoiding to throw away windows that are still good.

How does a window become fogged?
A window becomes fogged by unsealing over time, which means that the seal all around the window panes loses its waterproofing and thus allows moisture to penetrate. The absorbent material contained in the divider (which separates the glass panels) eventually saturates and, since it can no longer absorb moisture and with the effect of heat, fog is formed inside the glass panels.

What is defogging?
Defogging consists of drilling two or more holes in the window panes to clean between the panels and thus remove the dirt installed. The products we use are non-toxic and biodegradable, safe for you and the environment. Then, small transparent caps are affixed to the holes to let a little air in while preventing dirt from entering.

What is the drying time?
We calculate a maximum drying time of 8 weeks. It is therefore normal to see mist again shortly after defogging; you just have to let the drying time do its work. Then, the windows become as clear as when they were new! Thanks to the small transparent caps, air will circulate constantly, which will allow the glass panels to remain dry in order for the mist not to reappear.

Defogging, an effective solution to see clearly!
After defogging, insulating glass units remain effective even if they no longer contain argon. They do not become as energetic as when they were new, but they allow you to look through clear windows again! Is it worth it!

Did you know that we guarantee our defogging work for 10 years? To see the complete list of our services, visit our Defogging page or contact your local Solution Thermo retailer.

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