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Your window restoration process

Consider restoring your windows before changing them December 19, 2017 Your windows are a key element of your property. However, changing them is very expensive! Take the time to ask yourself the following question: Would it be better to restore them or to change them? Restore or change? In many cases, restoration is preferable to […]


Maintenance: take care of the components

Remember to take care of your doors and windows December 19, 2017 Regular maintenance is one of the secrets of doors and windows that fulfill their role perfectly even after years of use. We suggest these simple gestures, but oh so profitable! Check mechanisms such as cranks and locks: lubricate, adjust, or if broken, replace. […]


Defogging : see clearly again

Fogged windows? First consider defogging! December 19, 2017 Defogging is an economical and environmentally friendly way to bring your fogged windows back to life, without having to change them or even change their insulating glass units. This option allows you to save up to 80% of the cost of a traditional window replacement! In addition, […]