Fogged Thermal Windows?

Choose an ecological and especially economical solution

Window Solution restores your thermal windows without replacement at a fraction of the cost.

Our restoration procedure allows us to remove the vapors and accumulated dirt inside the thermal glass while insuring the insulation factor comparable to that of origin. Much less disturbing than traditional replacement, our restoration procedure is done on site at your convenience and to your satisfaction.

Our Expertise in Deffogging Thermal Windows

Window-Solution has acquired over the years an incomparable expertise in the defogging of thermal windows following many indepth studies in various regions of the world and numerous efficiency tests and supported by engineer’s reports. Solution Thermo has developed a proven procedure to clean and defog your windows controling the humidity and prolonging life. Further more, Window-Solution is constantly in the process of exploring, improving, even creating new techniques and tools to insure we remain abreast of newest technology. All Window-Solution’s retailers have received a specific training to insure that they will offer you the highest quality service. On top of continuing to perfect our training so we may guarantee you the utmost processionnal work quality.